Our Story

Hello everyone, my name is Balltze. I am known by my meme named Cheems. A bit background of myself, I’m a 12 years old shiba living in Hong Kong raise by my mom Kathy. I was adopted by my mom when I was 1, she thinks I looked photogenic and cuteness overload…  So she decided to opened an Instagram account for me on 2015 April 12, she starts taking my daily mood pictures and shares with everyone who enjoys the cuteness of a shibainu.

My Cheems pose and quirky smiles bought me fame since 2017.

Swole Doge vs Cheems edit @planty_hoes Source: Know your Meme

About Cheems
On 2017 Sept 4, I was sitting casually just like any other days, laying my back on marble steps and snap snap my mom took my photos and uploaded it online. Instagram user Josh comments about my post: “I don’t know who this guy is but he looks like Cheese.” And that’s how the start of my meme fame, later it developed to my meme stage name - Cheems / Cheemsburger, one of my best known meme appearance is ‘Swole Doge vs. Cheems’. Yes, I’m the small puppy-like dog, I wish one day I can be strong like Swole Doge!

That's me wearing my 100% Good Boi T-shirt

To comfort everyone who favourites me and will love to have my goods, I have opened this online shop sells HD quality merchandise. I will like to highlight “100% Good Boi T-shirt”, every unit sold will be donated in full to LAP Life Long Animal Protection Charity, including my part - the production fee of T-shirt. Let’s be good boi and good gurls and making the world a more happy place!


If you will like to know more about my journey follow my Instagram @balltze !