Our Story

Who is Cheems Balltze?

Cheems is originally named Balltze. A shibainu with extra fluff, people named him Cheems because they think he looks like cheese. Kathy, his owner posted the photo to Instagram with the caption “Thought I had a shibainu but this is not”. THE PHOTO went viral since 2019, it then became one of the iconic Meme, representing a subculture of a new generation. In August 18 2023, Balltze fell asleep due to complications from thoracentesis surgery, he is now playing happily in doggo heaven.

Social Responsibility

To spread the overwhelming love from the world, part of the profits would benefit to our local animal welfare, including:
Animal Friends
Paws Guardian
Love adopt animal society

Let’s be good boi and good gurls and making the world a happier place!

Cheems Balltze is immortal, follow his Instagram @balltze !